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Rare Is Everywhere is fun, exciting and such a different take on difference and diversity for our small children.”

 – The Vine Awards Jury, 2018


"Each aspect of publishing my novel was professionally managed by Rachelle and Carol, whose expertise and top-notch editorial and design team made Investing in Murder a reality. Together, we produced a quality book certain to entertain readers." 

– EJ Lister


"Thank you Rachelle and Carol for guiding me so patiently and expertly through the self-publishing process. Your promises were all kept and the results speak for themselves." 

– Robert Mermelstein

“Thank you both so much for your help and guidance in publishing both books in the Buster series.”

– Anna Pierri

"Inspire wouldn't be what it is without the help of these two amazing women: Rachelle and Carol, from Behind the Book. They gave me great guidance and assistance and made my book shine!" 

– Mary Chernoff


"Rachelle and Carol improved my novel immensely with their editorial suggestions. As well, they handled the eBook publishing process perfectly. I could not have managed without them!" 

– Barbara Campbell

"Carol and Rachelle were instrumental in both my books. With their commitment and support, I pushed myself harder, reflected more deeply, and edited more thoughtfully. The result was better books than I would have ever thought possible. They are capable of offering advice and guidance on the whole publishing process. I highly recommend them to aspiring authors and professionals alike."

– Bob Foulkes

"Carol and Rachelle make an excellent project management and editorial team. They guided us through the process of self-publishing with diligence and patience, and they were only a phone call or email away when we needed their direction. We will certainly be employing their services for our next book."

– Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones

"Thank you to Carol and Rachelle for your expertise in self-publishing!" 

– Margot Denomme