Summer’s Gone in a Blink

I Miss You When I Blink copy small.jpg

As back to school is now fully upon us with trips to Staples (More erasers? Really?) and Sport Chek (Another backpack? Seriously?), we get caught up in our teenagers’ spirit of preparation and organization and dig out our own pencils and notebooks (or we at least clean up our messy desks). This past long weekend that ushered in the start of school also coincided with a new moon. Shortening days bring longer nights and a move to indoor activities. This moon phase is a natural time to set a few intentions beyond beaches and outdoor patios. It feels like a time to turn to new goals, and to clear our minds as well as our work spaces. Plant some dream seeds. Even though school is not on our agenda, we too get caught up in the inkling that it’s time to commit, buckle down, and focus on our ambitions.

While to say that we are excited by the end of summer would be a stretch, we can’t help but look forward to what the fall will bring – new clients that will find us and new projects that existing clients are ready to launch. This season of looking forward also puts us in the mood for stories of looking back – memoirs and real-life narratives. Honest and true accounts by regular people who happen to be excellent storytellers. Here’s a couple we are enjoying right now: I Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philpott and Boy Wonders: A Memoir by Cathal Kelly.

Happy almost fall, everyone!