Mea Culpa

We are guilty ... of neglecting our blog. So many excuses. A bit of writer's block. The summer sun compelling us outdoors rather than to our computers. And, thankfully, a lot of work helping authors self-publish their books! But as we always tell our authors, you shouldn't have a blog page on your website if you're not going to post to it on a fairly regular basis. So, what's the right balance between writing for your actual books and maintaining your blog and/or social media platforms?

A lot of numbers get thrown around. The 80-20 rule, for example: spend 80 percent of your work time on your own writing, then 20 percent on marketing. Social media strategist for writers Frances Caballo has even written a book on the subject, Avoid Social Media Time Suck: A Blueprint for Writers to Create Online Buzz for Their Books and Still Have Time to Write. So the whole endeavour doesn't have to be time-consuming, but you do have to enjoy it, which is why we always encourage authors to blog about what they love, and post to those social media platforms that they enjoy.

If you've got "blogging exhaustion," there are a lot of great tips out there to help you revitalize your posts. And you don't have to post weekly or monthly or by any prescribed schedule. But when you do post, make it content that matters, to you and to your audience. In other words, there's no use posting just for the sake of posting.

So we're not going to neglect our blog anymore. We can't promise that we'll always post monthly, but we'll bring something to your attention fairly regularly, and it'll be worth the wait. In any case, it's getting cold and rainy out there, and it's feeling nice and cozy in front of our computers again.