Metaphors Aside

In this industry, there’s a natural tendency to use metaphors to convey what we do. “Planting seeds,” “taking pulses,” “murky waters,” “rollercoaster ride,” and “Pandora’s box” are all tempting phrases to use when describing the business of self-publishing. But we’ll resist and keep it simple. 

We’re your partners in the publishing process. It’s that straightforward. You enjoy the control, independence, and yes, excitement of self-publishing, but with our many years of traditional publishing experience and expertise behind you. It’s the perfect balance – a new kind of hybrid publishing, if you will – and the results are truly gratifying.

Publishing executive and critically acclaimed author Mark Anderson describes today’s publisher as “A creator and distributor of flexible content.” True, the content is flexible, but now, so is the process. That’s what makes self-publishing such a viable and exciting opportunity for authors today. We hope you’ll join us to get the ball rolling (sorry, we couldn’t resist slipping one in)!