Do you want to be completely involved in the process of creating your book, from editorial and design to production and marketing? Then indie publishing is a great choice. In addition to the financial benefits, flexibility, and control it offers, publishing your work independently can be a very fulfilling endeavour.  

At Behind the Book, we offer publishing expertise across a wide variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, guidebooks, children’s books, young adult fiction, cookbooks, business books, and more. With our top-notch team of experienced professionals, we’ll help you make sound decisions that will lead to a perfectly realized and potentially bestselling publication. Or, if traditional publishing is your goal, we can help by polishing your work and guiding you towards landing a deal.

So, where do you start? Meet with us for a publishing consult to learn what your options are and the smartest publishing path for you. From there, we offer the following services

Manuscript Evaluation: Putting your best foot forward starts with a well-crafted, polished manuscript. Our manuscript/sample chapter evaluation will provide you with recommendations on how to best prepare your book for the next steps, as well as what preliminary costs are involved.

Costing: We don't believe in a "one size fits all" self-publishing package. Instead, we'll provide you with a customized, detailed quote of all the costs involved in producing your book.


We offer the full range of editorial services, including:

  • Manuscript evaluation

  • Structural/substantive editing

  • Copy editing

  • Stylistic/line editing

  • Proofreading

  • Cover copywriting

  • Additional: recipe testing, fact-checking, rewriting and ghostwriting, indexing, photo research, and copyright acquisition

Design and Art Direction:

Ensure that your book stands out on the shelf with our expert design and art direction, which includes:

  • Interior layout

  • Image selection, modification, placement, and permissions

  • Cover design

  • Publishing imprint/logo creation

Publishing Management:

We'll put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you and handle all the details involved in creating your book. We'll also deal with the administrative details (you know, the dull stuff that no one wants to do, but it needs to be done), including:

  • Procuring ISBN and barcode.

  • Generating copyright page and all other front and back matter for your book.

Digital Publishing:

Need help navigating the quagmire of digital publishing? Our digital publishing services include:

  • Crafting eBooks that display beautifully on all devices.

  • Creating high-quality, engaging book trailers.

  • Developing your author website, from concept to launch.

And, once your book is published, we'll help you find your readers and put the book in their hands with our Marketing and Promotion and Distribution services.

Writing may be a solitary task, but you don’t have to navigate the murky waters of book publishing alone. Contact us to get the ball rolling.