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"Each aspect of publishing my novel was professionally managed by Rachelle and Carol, whose expertise and top-notch editorial and design team made Investing in Murder a reality. Together, we produced a quality book certain to entertain readers." 

EJ Lister


"Thank you Rachelle and Carol for guiding me so patiently and expertly through the self-publishing process." 

Robert Mermelstein

"I really could not have done any of this without Carol and Rachelle!" 

Jaime Saibil

"Inspire wouldn't be what it is without the help of these two amazing women: Rachelle and Carol, from Behind the Book. They gave me great guidance and assistance and made my book shine!" 

Mary Chernoff


"Rachelle and Carol improved my novel immensely with their editorial suggestions. As well, they handled the eBook publishing process perfectly. I could not have managed without them!" 

– Barbara Campbell

"Carol and Rachelle were instrumental in both my books. With their commitment and support, I pushed myself harder, reflected more deeply, and edited more thoughtfully. The result was better books than I would have ever thought possible. They are capable of offering advice and guidance on the whole publishing process. I highly recommend them to aspiring authors and professionals alike."

– Bob Foulkes

"Carol and Rachelle make an excellent project management and editorial team. They guided us through the process of self-publishing with diligence and patience, and they were only a phone call or email away when we needed their direction. We will certainly be employing their services for our next book."

– Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones

"Thank you to Carol and Rachelle for your expertise in self-publishing!" 

– Margot Denomme